What Apple, Others Want for Data Privacy Rules

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Apple, Facebook, Google, and the Internet Association want certain things for data privacy rules, sending a message to Congress that politicians should ask companies for advice (via Fortune).

[Apple’s International Privacy Trade-Offs]

What Apple Wants

  • Minimize data: Companies should remove identifying information from consumer data or don’t collect data at all.
  • Access and transparency: Consumers should be able to easily access their data and either correct or delete it.
  • Data broker clearinghouse: Data brokers should have to register with the FTC and let consumers track their data when it gets sold, and delete their data.

What the Internet Association Wants

  • Transparency: Consumers should be able to find out how their data is used, if it gets shared, and for what purpose.
  • Control: Consumers should have control over how their data is collected, used, shared, and sold.
  • Access: Consumers should be able to easily access their data and either correct or delete it.
  • Portability: Consumers should be able to move their data easily between platforms.
  • Security: Companies should have precautions in place to protect data, and quickly notify consumers of data breaches.
  • Accountability: The law should set baseline requirements for compliance and allow flexibility in how requirements are met.
  • Federal law: Data privacy rules should be enacted at the federal level and preempt state laws.
  • Broad applications: Data privacy rules should apply to all organizations that deal with consumer data, not just technology companies.
  • Global interoperability: An extension of portability, consumers should be able to move their data across borders knowing it is protected.

Talks of privacy laws are well underway, with Senators like Ron Wyden proposing laws.

[Department of Homeland Security to Investigate Foreign VPNs]

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TL;DR: Always use a VPN.


I’d have imagined that Facebook & Google wouldn’t want any privacy rules/laws…….