Apple Independent Repair Program has a Strict Contract

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The Apple Independent Repair Program launched last year in which it would sell parts, tools, and diagnostic services to independent repair shops, as well as Apple Authorized Service Providers. But its contract has strict rules (via Motherboard).

Apple Independent Repair Program

Lawyers and repair advocates call the terms of the contract “onerous” and “crazy.” For example, independent shops have to agree to unannounced audits and inspections by Apple. This is so Apple can search for “prohibited” repair parts, and shops with these parts could receive fines. Shops must also have a database of customer information like names, phone numbers, and home addresses. This database is meant to help Apple in possible investigations.

Apple also wants to make it clear that, while these independent shops are part of an Apple program, they aren’t officially certified. Each shop must display a “prominent and easily visible written notice“ on in its store and on its website that they aren’t Apple authorized. The shops also need written acknowledgement from customers to make it clear the customer understands the shop isn’t an Authorized Service Provider.

In a statement, Apple said:

We are committed to giving our customers more options and locations for safe and reliable repairs. Our new independent repair provider program is designed to give repair businesses of all sizes access to genuine parts, training and tools needed to perform the most common iPhone repairs. We are excited by the initial response and high level of interest. We are working closely with interested parties and we will update language in our materials to address their feedback.

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