Apple is Launching Three iPhone 14 Models in 20 More Countries This Week

three iPhone 14 models

Apple is set to launch the three available iPhone 14 models in 20 more countries starting this week. The iPhone 14, Pro, and Pro Max will be available in Malaysia, Turkey, and other countries on September 23.

Apple Launching Three iPhone 14 Models on September 23

Although Apple has not published a list of countries that will be getting the three iPhone models on September 23, it mentioned this launch in the press release during the Apple event on September 7.  Apple launched the three iPhone 14 models in key cities last week to the delight of early adopters who already got their new iPhones.

While the online stores in some of these countries indicated that the three iPhone 14 models will be available starting September 23, the delivery date for those preordering varies from country to country. For instance, in Malaysia, the estimated delivery date is 3 to 4 weeks if you preorder now. However, for those who cannot wait, the iPhone 14 will be available in-store on September 23. The same holds true for the Apple online store in Turkey. However, the wait time for preorders to arrive in Turkey is lasting 6 to 7 weeks.

Supply Situation Varies from One Country to Another

In Mexico, Apple’s online store indicates that customers can start pre-ordering on September 23. The three iPhone 14 models will be available in the country on September 30. For the countries not included in the September 23 launch of the iPhone 14, customers’ only hope is to preorder the iPhone 14 and bear the long estimated delivery period. For instance, in Singapore. Hong Kong and other Asian countries, customers can preorder the iPhone 14 now. However, the estimated delivery date could extend as far as November.

So, it would seem that the best option for customers in the 20 countries where the three iPhone 14 models are said to be launching on September 23 would be to visit their nearest Apple Stores on that day. That way, they may not have to wait as long to get their iPhone 14.

The good news, especially for those eyeing the iPhone 14 Pro Max, is that Apple recently asked Foxconn to increase iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max production by 10%. This will help beef up supply and fulfill preorders for the premium iPhone 14 models.

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