Apple is Not Discussing Purchasing TikTok

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Apple will not be competing with Microsoft for the purchase of TikTok, it appears. The company told The Verge it is not interested in buying the video-sharing app. The company said that it was not currently conducting talks with TikTok. Furthermore, it does have plans to make such a purchase.

Microsoft, Not Apple, Looking to Purchase TikTok

While the two firms never seemed like a natural match, there was some speculation that Apple may be interested and it could benefit from the transaction. Indeed, Axios reported multiple sources claiming “Apple has expressed interest, albeit no sources inside of Apple, and that at least one other strategic has expressed interest.” However, following Apple’s subsequent denials, it looks like Microsoft remains the frontrunner to buy the Chinese firm’s U.S. business.

[TikTok and Microsoft. Deal or no Deal?]

2 thoughts on “Apple is Not Discussing Purchasing TikTok

  • Looks like my comment, which went for arbitration perhaps due to a copied link, never got cleared for posting. Either that, or TMO felt there might’ve been a bit too much snark directed at one Mr Ballmer. Perhaps, indeed.

  • That is one political quagmire that Apple is well advised to stay away from. Between the US and China it would be a no win situation. Not sure who at MS suggested going for it.

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