Apple Launches ‘Today at Home’ Segments With Creative Pros

Harriet from Apple Regent Street in London

Apple’s new Today at Home website will showcase sessions with Apple retail employees as videos you can watch at home.

Today at Home

Right now there are three sessions available:

  • Draw playful portraits With iPad: Harriet from Apple Regent Street in London shows you how to add doodles, color, and your own handwriting to turn a quick photo into a unique portrait.
  • Capture striking photography with iPhone: Follow along with Cameron from Apple Orchard Road in Singapore to learn angles and edits that will help you capture artful photos featuring your home.
  • Shoot photos full of personality with iPhone: Join Adrian from Apple Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica as he shows you how to dig into the Camera app on iPhone to capture your personality in self-portraits.

Image of three apple retail employees

This is a page you’ll want to keep bookmarked as Apple will undoubtedly release more videos over time.

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