Apple Museum in Poland Will House World’s Biggest Collection of Products

Apple museum in Poland

This fall a museum dedicated to Apple products will open in Poland in the Norblin Factory complex. With an area of over 3,000 sq. feet it will have 1,500 exhibits.

Apple Museum Poland

The Japko company is responsible for funding and setting up the museum after it was moved from its temporary location in Piaseczno.

We decided, together with our business partners, that it is our duty to present these unique collections to the widest possible audience. We want the exhibition to fit in with contemporary exhibition models. We would like it to show the development of ideas in technology in a way that everyone can see what progress we have experienced as humanity. We also want to show the sources and directions of civilization, but most of all, we wish to show visitors the true nucleus of technological pop culture.

The exhibits will let people physically interact with the products while using special sensors to suggest new objects of interest. “The transfer of information with the use of audiovisual communication techniques, graphic codes, modern design and, above all, interactions will make the viewer more and more willing to delve into subsequent scenes and space-times built around the Apple brand collections.”

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