Apple News Gains 60% Users in Last 4 Years, 3-4 Times Compared to Major Publishers Like NYT

Apple News

Apple News is emerging as an important channel for news platforms struggling to monetize their work, according to a new report. The service, available on iPhones and other Apple devices, offers subscriptions for $12.99 per month or as part of a bundled Apple One package.

The report shows a big rise in Apple News adoption among Apple device users in the US. As of March 2024, 24% of Apple product buyers reported using Apple News, a substantial increase from just 15% five years prior.

Apple News

This growth stands in contrast to stagnant user numbers for individual news outlets like the New York Times or the Washington Post, which has only been 13% and 22%, respectively, compared to Apple’s 60%

With a quarter of Apple’s US customer base on board, Apple News reaches to a massive audience of tens of millions – a reach far exceeding what most media outlets can achieve independently, at least recently, specially after AI becoming mainstream day-by-day.

This trend only shows one thing: Apple News is becoming a very important platform for publishers seeking to connect with a large and engaged user base.

The report positions Apple News as a “must-have app” for Apple users, providing a convenient way to access news. But if you’re still skeptical about whether you should go for Apple News+, here is an in-depth review.

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