Apple Online Store in India Opening Imminently

Apple iPhone on Indian flag

While preparations for a first brick-and-mortar store in India are well underway, it currently does not offer online sales in the country. That will reportedly change in September, with an online store set to launch to the market of 1.3 billion people (via Bloomberg News). 

Online Store Opening And Plans Afoot For Second Physical Store

An online store in India was meant to have opened months ago. However, the COVID-19 pandemic curtailed those plans. The intention now is to have the service up and running by the festive Dussehra-Diwali period. At the moment, all sales in the country must go through third-party resellers. The Indian, government has loosened a rule that says 30 percent of components must be sourced in the country giving Apple scope to sell directly. The first physical Apple Store will open in Mumbai, and plans are also afoot to open a second physical retail location in Bangalore.

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