Apple Patent Hints at Holographic Video Calls for iPhones, iPads and Macs

Apple has been granted a patent (US 12015758 B1) that could change the way we video chat. The patent, titled “Holographic Video Sessions,” is a technology for creating realistic, three-dimensional holographic experiences during video calls on electronic devices.

This isn’t just some fancy new filter. Think of it as seeing a friend or colleague in full 3D during a call, allowing you to perceive depth and even move around slightly to see them from different angles. That’s the potential of Apple’s holographic video tech. I assume it would be something that is only possible on Apple Vision Pro. This patent was first seen by Apple World Today.

The patent details how the system would capture multiple images of a person from various viewpoints. These images are then adjusted and combined to create a 3D holographic representation for the receiving device’s view-dependent display. This means the hologram would shift and change perspective as you move your device, which is not possible even on Vision Pros as of now.

While the patent mentions the Apple Vision Pro headset as a potential application, its second variant is halted as Apple is seeking a more affordable variant first. The technical details reveal that the system could be adapted for future iPhones, iPads, and Macs, making holographic video calling possible for a wider range of Apple users and possibly without a headset. That’d be so cool. Vision Pro users can now enjoy immersive experiences like the Cricket World Cup on their devices.

We want our readers to note that this is a patent, not a confirmed feature in any Apple device yet. This comes after another patent we covered, which discusses how users will be able to include Siri in text conversations with friends.

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