Download Vision Pro’s “Mount Hood” Wallpaper for MacOS, iPhone and iPad

An Apple enthusiast known as Basic Apple Guy has created a high-resolution wallpaper featuring the Mount Hood environment from Apple’s Vision Pro headset. This environment offers a virtual experience of Trillium Lake with a view of Mount Hood.

He noted that no high-resolution images were available for use outside of Vision Pro. The user began with a 2K wallpaper image from the Vision Pro beta. To improve the resolution, they used Topaz software to upscale the image, focusing on areas like the mountain, sky, and trees.

Sadly, no high-resolution stills from Vision Pro existed for this wallpaper to be used on other devices. I’ve had someone try a 4K screenshot with the Developer Strap. Still, even then, the rendering affected the clarity of the image. The only image came from X user M1Astra, who posted small 2K wallpaper stills from the Vision Pro beta in October 2023.

Taking that as a base, I played around with upscaling it in Topaz, doing several passes with different upscaling models. Some did a better job upscaling the mountain, while others did better upscaling the sky or the trees. I took these multiple versions, fed them into Pixelmator, and mixed them until I found a composite I felt best about.

He then combined these improved versions in Pixelmator to create a final 6K image. This wallpaper allows users to experience the Mount Hood scene on their Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Thanks to his efforts, the accessibility of the Mount Hood environment from Vision Pro has been expanded, making it available as wallpaper for various devices.

Download the wallpapers from here.

Apart from this, Apple has revealed a new set of gorgeous wallpapers for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15, unveiled just after WWDC. You can download them by clicking on the links.

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