Apple Experimenting With a Magsafe Wallet and iPhone Case Hybrid

iPhone Magsafe wallet and case hybrid prototype

Apple may soon expand its MagSafe lineup with a new accessory, as revealed by a recently granted patent discovered by AppleInsider. The patent hints at a Magsafe case with an inbuilt wallet, offering a more practical 2 in 1 solution.

The patent drawings suggest that the case will feature a closed front with a cutout for displaying the date and time, similar to the Leather Sleeve Basic Case for the iPhone 12. Additionally, the accessory will come with an inbuilt lanyard and will have pockets designed to securely hold credit cards and other personal items like cash.

One standout feature of this accessory is its ability to communicate with your iPhone. This communication allows the device to adjust display features based on the accessory’s attributes. For instance, your phone could display information through the accessory’s opening, enabling users to interact with their phones without having to open the case.

Furthermore, the case is designed to ensure that your iPhone remains stable on a table, even with the camera bump. This design feature ensures that your device stays flat and avoids any wobbling, providing a more usable experience when your iPhone is laying down flat on a surface.

Your iPhone can also more accurately determine the time it would take to wirelessly charge, most likely using Qi2 charging, as the case would also share details of its thickness and materials. This information would help the device take into account the total energy loss due to the multiple layers of the cover.

You should keep in mind though, that this is a just a patent, and there is a good chance that this concept never becomes a reality so you shouldn’t get your hopes up just yet.

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