Apple Patents MagSafe Gimbal for iPhone

Apple expanded its popular MagSafe magnetic charging system to the iPhone a few years ago, and accessories manufacturers have come up with clever uses for the magnets, including wallets, cases, and more. Apple itself is creating new accessories to use the magnets, and its latest is a gimbal attachment to stabilize the phone during filming.


The company’s now-approved patent application covers an “adapter for charging and stabilizing cameras.” Apple said that its iPhone “cameras have such a high quality that they are replacing traditional single-lens reflex and other cameras in many applications.” Its view is that the camera is good enough that it requires extra hardware to support its full range of capabilities. “While there are vast numbers and types of camera stabilizers such as tripods, gimbals, and other devices for SLR cameras, the same does not exist for cameras on phones,” the patent application stated.


Apple’s application also covers a charging function that would help maintain the battery during long filming sessions, saying “phone cameras might be used for very long periods or in power-intensive applications such as recording video.” While the application doesn’t explicitly mention the MagSafe system, illustrations in the documents show a round connector system that could be a perfect fit for the back of an iPhone.


It’s worth noting that companies, especially Apple, file patent applications all the time, and seeing this documentation doesn’t mean the company is on the verge of releasing a camera mount. That said, patent applications often indicate that research and development is happening in a particular area, so we could see some variant of the mount in the future.



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