Apple Pay has 383 Million Users Globally

43% of iPhone users worldwide have activated Apple Pay, according to new research published Tuesday. Loup Ventures analysts Gene Munster and Will Thompson said that there are now 383 million users of the service

Service Adoption Climbing

The analysts said that “Apple Pay adoption continues to climb.” After conducing survey work and looking at other data, they concluded “that 43% of global iPhone users have enabled Apple Pay.” They said this marked a 36% increase from Setepmber 2018, and a 20% increase from December 2017.

Based on Apple confirming a iPhone installed base of 900 million, it means 383 million people have activated Apple Pay. This is a 135% year-on-year increase. The analysts said that some of this growth could be attributed to Apple enabling peer-to-peer payments in January 2018.

Adoption Greater Internaitonally Than in U.S.

The number of countries Apple Pay is available in is growing. On Tuesday, it launched in the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia. The report said is used less in the U.S. than in other countries. 12% of users are in the U.S., compared to 88% elsewhere. 47% of iPhone users outside the U.S. have used Apple Pay, compared to 24% in the U.S.

The analysts believe that use of the service will increase further. They said that the number of people using Apple Pay “will continue to grow as more retailers, universities, municipalities, and public transportation systems enable contactless payments and people begin to think of their phone as their wallet.”

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