Apple Pay Users in Hungary Face Unauthorized Charges Up To $350


Apple Pay users in Hungary are experiencing unauthorized charges deducted from their bank cards. Multiple reports say the platform has been malfunctioning, leading to unexpected deductions.

The amounts being taken vary wildly, ranging from a few hundred forints to over HUF 129,990 (around $350). Some users have reported a series of deductions within a short time frame. Meanwhile, others noticed charges for subscriptions they had previously canceled or for which the price had changed.

The problem seems to be involving cards from various banks, including OTP, Unicredit, Raiffeisen, and MBH. Disturbingly, there have even been instances where money was deducted from cards that had already been deleted from Apple Pay, which might soon be coming to Androids, in a way.

Fortunately, Hungarian banks are aware of the situation and are taking action. OTP, Unicredit, Raiffeisen, and MBH have all acknowledged the issue and are in contact with Apple to find a solution. Some banks have also blocked cards as a precautionary measure to prevent further deductions.

Due to an external technical error, the Apple application store incorrectly charged some users’ bank cards on the afternoon of June 26, which also affected some MBH Bank customers. Our colleagues immediately reported the problem to Apple and took the necessary steps. We will inform our customers about the crediting of erroneous transactions later. We also thank our customers for their patience.

MBH Bank claims that there’s a problem on Apple’s side, as revealed by 9to5Mac:

While Apple has not officially issued a statement yet, it’s good to know that at least Hungarian banks are actively working to resolve the problem.

As of now, Apple Pay users in Hungary are advised to monitor their bank statements closely for any suspicious activity. They have been asked to consider reducing online spending limits or temporarily blocking cards linked to Apple Pay.

For those who frequently make online payments, using digital cards is suggested, as they can be easily disabled and replaced if compromised. Could issues like this be the reason Apple has decided to give up on Apple Pay Later and possibly shift towards third-parties?

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