Apple Pushing Users to Upgrade From iOS 14 to iOS 15

iOS 15 on iPhone

When iOS 15 first arrived, it did so as an optional upgrade. The decision has been reversed, with users now encouraged to upgrade from iOS 14, Macrumors reported.

Apple Removing Option to Avoid iOS 15

Until recently, users on the older operating system were receiving security and other updates. However, this appears to have ended with the arrival of iOS 15.2. This includes the update to iOS 14.8.1, originally released in October 2020, no longer being available. Only iOS 15.2.1, released Wednesday, is now offered.

At the time of this writing, the latest data from Apple revealed that 63 of all devices that transacted on the App Store on January 11, 2022 used iOS 15, compared with 30% using iOS 14. Furthermore, 72 percent of all devices introduced in the last four years that transacted on the App Store on January 11, 2022, used it, while 26% used its predecessor. It seems likely then that the change in update policy is part of an attempt to get more users onto the latest version of the operating system.

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Sounds really fishy to me since they were suppose to implement the scanning of our photos in iOS 15.

P.S. Charlotte double check the headline wording. I might be reading it wrong…