Apple Releases Updated iOS & iPadOS UI Kit for Figma

Apple has released an updated iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 UI Kit for Figma. This toolkit can ease up the design process for iPhone and iPad applications by providing pre-built components, design templates, and a comprehensive style guide.

The UI Kit includes components for common UI elements like buttons, text fields, and navigation bars. These components can assemble interfaces without starting from scratch. It has design templates for common app screens.

The latest iteration of the UI Kit caters to the recent advancements in iOS 18 and iPadOS 18. Designers can now use a color system with light, dark, and dark elevated variations. The UI Kit also has features for creating dynamic app icons that can switch between light, dark, and tinted appearances. Updated app icon artwork is included as well.

New for iOS 18 and iPadOS 18:

  • Color variables for all system colors with light, dark, and dark elevated values
  • Mode for switching between light, dark, and tinted app icons
  • Updated app icon artwork
  • Examples page for most system components and experiences
  • New iPadOS floating tab bar
  • Improved organization of instance properties for faster customization
  • New Control Center and Lock Screen components with customizable controls
  • See Change Log for full details.

For iPad-specific design, the UI Kit has a new floating tab bar component. The UI Kit even includes new Control Center and Lock Screen components for crafting custom control layouts.

Before using the UI Kit on Figma, it’s recommended that you install the latest version of SF Symbols for the most up-to-date iconography.

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