Developers Can Now Build Bigger Games and Apps for iOS 18 and tvOS 18

Game Mode in iOS 18 and iPadOS 18

Apple has announced an increase in app size limits in the latest beta versions of iOS 18 and tvOS 18, as seen by folks at 9to5Mac. This means developers can now create more expansive and feature-rich games and applications without needing to worry about storage constraints on iPhones and Apple TVs.

Previously, app bundles downloaded from the App Store were capped at 2GB for iOS. With iOS 18, this limit has doubled to 4GB. This will allow developers to include better graphics, high-quality audio, and additional content within the initial download.

Since iOS 9, developers have been able to utilize app slicing, which separates the core app from downloadable content like additional levels, episodes, or high-resolution textures. This lets users download and play the main app quickly without waiting for everything to be installed at once.

Previously, ODR limits were capped at 20GB for both apps and games. With iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, this goes to 70GB, a massive breathing room for games and other applications. Playing games would be so much more enjoyable now, given that there is a dedicated Game Mode in iOS 18; here’s how to use it. However, the ODR limit remains at 20GB for tvOS 18.

These changes are good for both developers and users. Developers don’t have to reduce the number of elements, while users can have a better overall experience of the game with more functionality.

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