Apple Major Supplier LG Display Begins Mass Producing 13” Tandem OLED Panel for Laptops

LG Display Mass Production Tandem OLED Panel

Apple’s major display supplier LG Display has announced that it has started mass production of the industry’s first 13-inch tandem OLED panel designed for laptops.

Tandem OLED technology, which Apple recently introduced in its latest iPad Pro models last month, is primarily supplied by LG Display for these tablets. To understand this better, tandem OLED panels integrate two sets of red, green, and blue (RGB) organic light emitting layers, offering enhanced durability and performance compared to single-layer OLED panels, such as those utilized in Apple’s iPhones.

Although Apple has not officially confirmed its first OLED MacBook device, analyst Jeff Pu’s previous report hints that Apple has been actively developing an OLED MacBook Air. But the company may introduce an OLED MacBook Pro first. Additionally, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that an OLED MacBook Pro could be released next year with touchscreen support, marking a first in the lineup.

Gurman’s report appears increasingly likely to materialize, supported by LG Display’s statement in the press release that they have “embedded a touch sensor inside the panel” which aligns with reports of an OLED MacBook Pro featuring touchscreen. But the rumor has it that LG Display will be supplying tandem OLED panels to Dell for its XPS 13 laptop, albeit opting for a high-res version of the 13-inch tandem OLED panel for this model.

LG Display has made the 13-inch Tandem OLED panel much thinner and lighter, according to the press release, cutting its thickness by about 40% and reducing weight by 28% compared to other OLED laptop screens. Plus, it offers a WQXGA+ resolution of 2880×1800 pixels. Thanks to OLED technology, which lights up pixels individually and has an amazing contrast ratio, the panel has earned the Display HDR True Black 500 certification from VESA, meaning it can show bright and dark images well.

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