MacBook Pro With OLED Rumor Suggests There’s A Long Wait Ahead

OLED MacBook Pro

Apple’s mini-LED technology sets the MacBook Pro lineup apart from its competitors when it comes to display quality. However, we’ve always been curious about how much better Apple’s laptops would be if they had OLED screens instead of LCD ones.

It appears we’ll have to wait a little longer since the OLED MacBook Pro is now expected to launch in 2027. According to a recent supply chain report, the wait for OLED MacBook Pro may be longer than anticipated as there is a delay in the company’s plans for its laptop with the OLED screen.

According to a recent report on The Elec, it is not possible to foresee a MacBook Pro of that kind for at least the next three years. The translation of this report suggests that Samsung’s eight-generation OLED technology will be used in the panels, albeit this won’t be limited to Apple products.

Rather, it states these Samsung panels will be produced for other manufacturers, including Dell and HP. Moreover, the report also suggests that Samsung wants to provide these PC companies first. However, when these companies plan to release their devices with these screens is still a mystery.

However, it’s great that Apple plans to switch to OLED panels, as OLED provides far greater per-pixel lighting, better viewing angles, and deeper blacks than mini-LED.

Mini-LEDs excel in other aspects, however, like brightness and lifespan. And Apple’s Liquid Retina XDR mini-LED panels are among the best in the industry, outperforming nearly all competitors’ laptops, even those with OLED screens. Given all of this, we doubt Apple’s OLEDs will be anything but extraordinary to make Mac users switch their mini-LED laptops for OLED equivalents. 

Anyway, it’d be great to enjoy all of the greatest Mac games and TV series on the OLED MacBook Pro when released.


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