Apple to Sell Macs Containing its Own Processors From 2021

Apple will release Macs containing its own chips. The device will go on sale in 2021 (via Bloomberg News/Reuters).

Macs to Contain Apple-made Processors

Apple is reportedly working on three processors for its computers. These are based on the A14 chip, set to be used in the next generation iPhone.  For years, Intel has made chips for a variety of Apple products. While iPhones now use Apple’s own chips – the iPhone 11 contains the A13 chip, for example – Macs still contain Intel processors.

Apple’s move to put its own chips into Macs has been expected for a while. This speculation ramped up last July after the company purchased the majority of Intel’s modem business and settled its long-running legal dispute with chipmaker Qualcomm.

3 thoughts on “Apple to Sell Macs Containing its Own Processors From 2021

  • Lack of Intel x86 inside Macs is a deal breaker for our University. Because we need true full compatibility with the rest (95%) of the world (Windows). And I do not mean boot camp alone, but also VMware Fusion, for instance. And last but not least, being critically essential in our workflow, true full compatibility with Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) to share documents and scientific meetings with colleagues, track changes while co-editing manuscripts for scientific publications, etc. If Apple does not release Intel x86 Macs, we will be forced to switch to Windows for sure at our Universisty. A shame for all. Did Apple remember and learn the lesson from the PowerPC (RISC as ARM) fiasco yeas ago?

    1. Unless Apple provides a fully x86 app compatible bug-free fully capable emulator that comes with a minimal speed hit, then the whole idea of non-x86 processors will be the dumbest move in decades. It’ll put Macs right back to the sorry state the PowerPC based Macs we’re in in the 1990s before Steve Jobs saw the light and began the transition to Intel based Macs. And users aren’t going to want to reboot their Macs to become an x86 compatible machine.

      Nearly all of business and software world is x86 based. Without that compatibility, the move would be a loser for every Mac user.

      There will be no advantage in this move that would overcome the disadvantages.

    2. Let’s see what actually happens before condemning Apple. Bloomberg has a history of not getting it right at all with announcements like this. Also remember, these are the same bunch that ‘reported’ the unverifiable stuff about server board modifications a couple of years ago. Let’s wait and see.

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