The Apple Store on 5th Avenue has a Bed Bug Infestation

Apple’s iconic retail store on Fifth Avenue had a bed bug infestation starting 3-4 weeks ago, although they say the problem is over (via New York Post).

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Bed Bugs

An employee said the problem started three to four weeks ago. The Fifth Avenue store is open 24 hours and often has homeless visitors, whom are believed to be the source. A table on the second floor was roped off because a bed bug was found there.

Image of a bed bug

But customers and employees weren’t warned that a bedbug had been found until a week and a half later when an overnight employee found a bed bug crawling on their sweater and took a video. After it circulated among the staff, store management called an exterminator to do preventative spraying.

Pest management service Orkin says that although bed bugs can’t jump, they move from host to host by crawling. Last Friday, the store closed for six hours for a “water leak.” Since then, store management said the threat had been “isolated” and is now over.

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