iPad 2 Heading for Vintage and Obsolete Products List

iPad 2

iPad 2 owners – your device is so old, soon it is going to be vintage. Apple is going to add the device to its Vintage and Obsolete products list at the end of April (via MacRumors).

iPad 2 Service No Longer Available

From April 30, 2019, the iPad will no longer be eligible for service at either an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. The only places with an exception to this will be California and Turkey. Local laws in those places mean that Apple has to support the device until March 2021. Some local laws also apply to product owners in France.

The iPad 2 was originally released in March 2011. Products last manufactured over 5 years ago are defined as vintage by Apple. Obsolete devices are those which were discontinued over 7 years ago.

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