Apple and Qualcomm Settle Long-Running Legal Dispute

Apple suing Qualcomm over patent royalty payments

Apple and Qualcomm agreed to end all litigation Tuesday, bringing to an end a two-year dispute. Apple will make a payment to the chipmaker for an undisclosed amount.

Apple suing Qualcomm over patent royalty payments

Long-term Licensing Deal Agreed

As well as ending all outstanding litigation, the firms signed a 6-year licensing agreement. That agreement was effective as of April 1 and included a 2-year option to extend. They agreed a multiyear chipset supply agreement too.

Court Clash Begins

Qualcomm and Apple announced the settlement on the first day that they went head-to-head in court. There, Apple’s attorney, Ruffin Cordell of Fish & Richardson, claimed the chipmaker “used their market power to set unfair prices to stifle competition and to dictate terms to some of the most powerful companies in the world.”

“This case is about things we all know are wrong,” he added (via Wall Street Journal).

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Woah, that was sudden. Did not see that coming. I would be tempted to say this means G5 Modems are on track again.