Some Apple retail stores began setting up the stanchions they use for long product launch lines overnight. With Apple’s “hello again” media event kicking off in a few hours, the stanchions may be a hint that whatever is announced today may be available right away—and that the company expects loads of people will want it.

Apple retail stores are preparing for long lines ahead of today's "hello again" product announcements

Stanchions outside Apple stores hint at a big product announcement today

Photos of Apple’s overnight work at its San Francisco store popped up on Reddit with comments like,

They set up the line dividers while I was there. Not sure if this means there will be a product launch tomorrow. This was shortly after closing. There were lots of contractors milling about, taking laser measurements of the floor and pointing to the huge glass doors. I wonder what they’re up to.

Other Redditors said they saw other Apple retail stores setting up for long lines, too.

Apple is expected to introduce new MacBook Pro models today with an OLED touch-sensitive strip instead of traditional function keys, USB-C and Thunderbolt 3, better graphics, and Intel’s Skylake processors. That doesn’t sound like enough to drive crowds to Apple’s stores today, so it’s possible the company has other surprises waiting for us, too.

The “hello again” media event starts at 10AM pacific time, so be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for our product announcement coverage and analysis.

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I don’t think people will be thundering their way to stores for 2300 buck 15″ macbook Pros.

Have to say they are way way cool, but nothing trample worthy requiring stanchions I should think. Stores may be thick with people wanting to test them out though.

Old UNIX Guy

@paikinho, 2 things I want:

1. Every Mac in Apple’s lineup updated to something that isn’t a joke.
2. NOTHING but the Mac mentioned today.

One of Apple’s many problems is that they are focused on everything but the Mac.


2 things I want.

12.9 iPad Pro update so I can get one for my artist kids this holiday.
Apple TV 5 with excessive speed and power to last the next 5-6 years.

If either of those things shows up… instant sale for me.
I feel pent up.


Hmmm? I checked out the iMac at the Apple site today and clicked Buy to check out the prices. No prices, but got “We’ve got something special for you”.

Is there new iMacs?

Lee Dronick

AAPL down as investors panic about new unknown product that will generate a lot of sales.


I would love to be wowed. Come on, Apple! Heck, I’d even settle for pleasantly surprised. 😉