Apple Adds Time Bandits to its Original TV Show Lineup

Time Bandits movie now an Apple television series

Nearly 40 years after Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits hit theaters it’s going to become a television series in Apple’s original content lineup. Gilliam is on board, too, as an executive producer.

Time Bandits movie now an Apple television series
Time Bandits coming to Apple’s original content line up as a television series

Time Bandits followed the adventures of a young boy named Kevin who discovers his bedroom closet is also a doorway through time. He falls in with a group of dwarves who stole the Supreme Being’s time map and heads out on an adventure through several historic periods.

The movie is a wonderful fantasy romp through time that became a cult classic. The premise offers a lot of potential—assuming the writers can keep Gilliam’s vision. Alternately, it could turn out to be just another show that’s about traveling through time and not the characters.

[Thanks to Deadline for the heads up]

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Just watched the original and could barely make it through it. Not a fan.