Apple Number One in Corporate Solar Energy Usage

When it comes to corporate solar energy usage Apple leads the way, according to data from the Solar Energy Industry Association.

U.S. Solar Energy Usage

Apple runs 100% on renewable energy with nine solar power plants in the United States:

  1. Crook, OR: 56 MW
  2. Yerington, NV: 22 MW
  3. Cupertino, CA: 17 MW
  4. Boulder City, NV: 50 MW
  5. Florence, AZ: 50 MW
  6. Newton, NC: 6.4 MW
  7. CA: 150 MW
  8. Maiden, NC: 20 MW
  9. Conover, NC: 20 MW

top 10 corporate solar energy usage

The top 10 solar rankings are: 1. Apple; 2. Amazon; 3. Target; 4. Walmart; 5. Switch; 6. Google; 7. Kaiser Permanente; 8. Prologis; 9. Solvay; 10. Fifth Third Bank.

In China, Apple manufacturer Foxconn installed 400 MW for its iPhone production facility in Zhengzhou.

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