Apple Number One in Corporate Solar Energy Usage

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When it comes to corporate solar energy usage Apple leads the way, according to data from the Solar Energy Industry Association.

U.S. Solar Energy Usage

Apple runs 100% on renewable energy with nine solar power plants in the United States:

  1. Crook, OR: 56 MW
  2. Yerington, NV: 22 MW
  3. Cupertino, CA: 17 MW
  4. Boulder City, NV: 50 MW
  5. Florence, AZ: 50 MW
  6. Newton, NC: 6.4 MW
  7. CA: 150 MW
  8. Maiden, NC: 20 MW
  9. Conover, NC: 20 MW

top 10 corporate solar energy usage

The top 10 solar rankings are: 1. Apple; 2. Amazon; 3. Target; 4. Walmart; 5. Switch; 6. Google; 7. Kaiser Permanente; 8. Prologis; 9. Solvay; 10. Fifth Third Bank.

In China, Apple manufacturer Foxconn installed 400 MW for its iPhone production facility in Zhengzhou.

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