Apple TV Shows Up on Amazon, Prime App Can’t be Far Behind

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Apple TV 4K is available on Amazon, which is likely a good sign the Amazon Prime app for Apple TV is about to be released.

Amazon blocked Apple TV sales through its website because its Prime service wasn’t available on the device. The company’s reasoning was that shoppers would get confused when buying streaming media devices if its own service wasn’t included.

That always sounded like a pretty lame excuse to block Apple TV sales, especially since it was Amazon that was keeping Prime support off the device. Still, Amazon does as it pleases, so in the end it didn’t matter what excuse the company offered.

Apple announced earlier this year that Amazon was finally bringing Prime streaming to Apple TV, although didn’t say exactly when it would happen. With Apple TV showing up for sale on Amazon, it’s looking like the Prime app will drop soon.

Apple TV 4K is showing out of stock on Amazon right now. Presumably that’ll change as soon as the Prime video streaming app is available.

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