Apple TV+ Has Around 40 million Subscribers, Will Spend US$500 Million on Marketing This Year

Apple TV+ has 40 million subscribers, with around 50 percent of them paying for the streaming service. That’s according to The Information($) which also reported that around US$50 million is going to be spent on marketing the service this year.

The Future of Apple TV+

There is some irritation from partners at how Apple has previously been reluctant to spend on marketing. Furthermore, despite TV+ being deemed a business in and of itself, it is getting some cross-promotion from other company offerings, including samples from the show Watch The Sound With Mark Ronson into GarageBand. They may also be Today and Apple sessions that use these samples too.

The future for Apple TV+ seems quite bright. Indeed, the intention now is to release a new movie or show each week in 2022. On the downside, at least for those of use who would buy one, Apple abandoned plans to make a low-cost TV dongle. Indeed, Tim Twerdahl, the executive who was pushing such an idea, recently left Apple.

Overall, the perception from analysts and industry insiders is that the service now needs to be taken seriously.

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