With Series Over, Apple TV+ Celebrates “Dickinson”

Hailee Steinfeld as Dickinson

Apple TV+ series “Dickinson” has come to an end after three seasons. However, a collection of new videos celebrates all aspects of the show, in which Hailee Steinfeld starred as the American poet.

“Dickinson” in Apple TV+ – A Story of Family, Genius, and Love

A clip released last week looked at the chaotic life of the Dickinson family, and how we’re all kind of like that. (One of the best things about the series is how it made a story that started before the U.S. Civil War relatable to the modern-day.)

Emily Dickinson was groundbreaking. Another clip reflects how she was ahead of her time:

There are a lot of love stories in “Dickinson”, but none feel quite as important as the relationship between Emily and Sue Huntington (played by Ella Hunt). A video released Monday looks back on the EmiSue journey.

Talking of love lifes, Apple TV+ previously released a clip showing the chaotic one that consumed Emily’s sister, Lavinia.

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