Apple TV+ Trails As Streaming Services Get New Subscriber Boost

Disney+ got triple the number of new subscriptions between Saturday, March 14 and Monday, March 16 than it had the week before (via Forbes). Other streaming services also saw huge spikes, but Apple TV+ is not faring quite so well.

10 Percent Jump in New Subscribers for Apple TV+

With people lockdown at home, HBO Now and Showtime had a 90 percent and 78 percent increase respectively in new subscribers during that same three-day period, compared to the week before. It is worth noting though that this includes free trials. Turnover is likely to be high for premium services such as these. Over on Netflix, meanwhile, new subscribers increased by 47 percent. However, for Apple TV+, it was an increase of just 10% from the week before. The data came from a streaming analytics firm Antenna based on opt-in consumer panels.

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Catalog, catalog, catalog. Until then, it is a curiosity.

Lee Dronick

Well some new episodes would help


Just a note. The Banker is well done and good.

Lee Dronick

Thank you, I will take a look at it.