Apple TV+ Show ‘Shantram’ Halts Prodcution

Production on the forthcoming Apple TV+ show Shantaram has been halted. Writing delays have meant that just two episodes in the 10 episode series have been shot (via Variety).

Writing Delays and Weather Halt Apple TV+ Production

Showrunner Eric Warren Singer, whose credits include Top Gun: Maverick and American Hustle, is understood to have left the show. He had not yet completed all the scripts for the Apple TV+ series. Consequently, production will be delayed, probably for a number of months.

The weather has also caused issues for shooting. Production on the show had been paused in the run-up to Christmas. However, a note to the crew explained that monsoon season in India would require a longer halt in production:

A longer push became official when we determined that we would not be ready to shoot before monsoon season in India,”

Shantaram, when it finally appears on Apple TV+, will star Charlie Hunnam. It is based on a novel by Gregory David Roberts. It tells the story of how a former bank-robber, tries to reinvent himself in Mumbai’s slums.

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