Here’s How to Block Apple News+ Magazines

I subscribed to Apple News+ for a couple of months, but I unsubscribed once I realized that I barely ever read any of the magazines. However, despite unsubscribing I was annoyed to realize that the News app was still full of News+ content.

I get it, Apple is pushing everyone to its services, but in my opinion News+ content should stay in the News+ tab. But it didn’t; scrolling through the regular Today tab I saw that News+ magazines were still being suggested quite frequently, no matter how much I tapped “Suggest Less.” But I found a solution.

Block News+ Magazines

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on News.
  3. Turn the toggle on next to Restrict Stories in Today.

Block news+ Magazines

This means that you’ll only see content from websites and topics that you subscribe to. I actually just discovered this a couple minutes ago, and so far the News+ content has disappeared. Hopefully it stays that way. Of course, you can long press on a News+ magazine and tap Block Channel, but this gets rid of them in one fell swoop.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s How to Block Apple News+ Magazines

  • I’m ticked but in a different way.

    I have long held subscriptions to various magazines and newspapers. But Apple News only recognizes two of these – New York Times and WSJ.

    So when I see a story on, say, Atlantic or New Yorker, News pokes me too subscribe.

    ‘Scuse me, Apple, I already HAVE a subscription to this publication but you won’t allow me to register it in preferences (I’ve tried, and if someone knows of a secret way then please tell me)

    This bloody-minded-ness from Cupertino is enough to put me off from ever subscribing.

  • I am holding onto my subscription. I find it cheaper than the subscriptions for the individual magazines that previously bought, Smithsonian, Popular Science and such. That being said I bet that 90% of their offerings don’t interest me much.

    Anyway, I agree that News+ stuff should stay in the News+ tab, it is a similar situation in Apple TV+.

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