How to Vote According to Apple News

· Andrew Orr · How-To

Apple News has a section to help people register to vote, how to become a poll worker in your state, and more.

‘Apple News Today’ Now Available in Apple Podcasts

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

Announced with the release of iOS 13.6 on Wednesday, the Apple News Today podcast gives people a guide to the most fascinating stories in news, and how the world’s top journalists are covering the stories. There will be a new episode every day, Monday through Friday. There are two episodes so far coming in at eight and nine minutes, so these are perfect bite-sized pods for your morning commute (do we still have those?)

‘Apple News Today’ Now Available in Apple Podcasts

New News About News – TMO Daily Observations 2020-06-30

· Kelly Guimont · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

TMO Daily Observations Podcast Logo

Charlotte Henry joins host Kelly Guimont to discuss updates to Apple’s News app, Google’s news partnerships, and iOS 14 updates to News+.

The New York Times Quits Apple News

· Charlotte Henry · News

The New York Times has ended its participation in Apple News, focussing on driving subscribers and traffic to its own app and website.

Here’s How to Block Apple News+ Magazines

· Andrew Orr · Quick Tip

Andrew found that the Today tab in News is filled with News+ content, despite not being subscribed. But he found a way to block News+ magazines.

Apple News Chief Liz Schimel Leaves Company

· Andrew Orr · Product News

Apple News chief Liz Schimel has left the company amid rumors that the News+ subscription service struggles to acquire subscribers.

How to Sign up for Apple News Email Newsletter

· Andrew Orr · Quick Tip

You can sign up for an Apple News email newsletter to get daily updates on the top stories of the day, handpicked by Apple editors.