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'Ted Lasso' Season Two Special

Jul. 27th, 2021 - 11:53 AM | 00:30:22

Ted Lasso and the team are back, and so are Tom Merritt and Jeff Gamet. They discuss the season two opener, and what might be ahead, with host Charlotte Henry.

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  1. Jul. 27th, 2021
    ‘Ted Lasso’ Season Two Special — Media+

    Ted Lasso and the team are back, and so are Tom Merritt and Jeff Gamet. They discuss the season two opener, and what might be ahead, with host Charlotte Henry.

  2. Jul. 20th, 2021
    Apple TV+ Musical Schmigadoon! is Actually Good — Media+

    Bryan Chaffin joins host Charlotte Henry to reflect on recent Emmy success for Apple TV+, and discuss why he was right about the new musical comedy 'Schmigadoon!'.

  3. Jul. 13th, 2021
    Is Apple About to Get Into The Sports Broadcasting Game? — Media+

    Tom Merritt joins Charlotte Henry to discuss Apple's rumored move into the sports broadcasting game. Could it? Should it?

  4. Jul. 6th, 2021
    Let’s Get Physical — Media+

    Kelly Guimont and Dave Hamilton pull on their spandex and join host Charlotte Henry to unpack Apple TV+ show 'Physical'. They discuss how the show reflects life in the 1970s and '80s, and whether or not they care about what happens to the characters.

  5. Jun. 29th, 2021
    Are You Actually Going to Pay for Apple TV+? — Media+

    Terrence Gaines from the snobOS podcast joins host Charlotte Henry to discuss the offer of a year of free Apple TV+ coming to an end. Are people actually going to pay for the streaming service?

  6. Jun. 22nd, 2021
    Is Apple Really Going After Substack? — Media+

    Journalist and author Chris Stokel-Walker joins host Charlotte Henry to discuss Apple's forthcoming Mail Privacy Protection and its implications for the e-mail newsletter market. They also discuss the history, and future, of TikTok.

  7. Jun. 15th, 2021
    Content Consumption in Our ‘Always Own’ World — Media+

    Rory Cellan Jones, BBC Technology Correspondent and author of 'Always On: Hope and Fear in the Social Smartphone Era', joins Charlotte Henry to discuss the launch of the iPhone and how Apple became a content creation company.

  8. Jun. 8th, 2021
    WWDC 2021: Apple Will (Share)Play Nicely With Others — Media+

    There was almost no mention of Apple's media offering during the WWDC 2021 keynote - less, even, than in the years when Apple was not in the media and content space. Kelly Guimont joins host Charlotte Henry to discuss this and things that were announced, such as SharePlay.

  9. Jun. 1st, 2021
    WWDC Media Preview — Media+

    Chuck Joiner of MacVoices joins host Charlotte Henry to have a look ahead at WWDC 2021. How much will Apple's media offering feature?

  10. May. 25th, 2021
    End of ‘The Line’ — Media+

    Jeff Gamet returns to discuss the dramatic ending to Apple TV+ podcast 'The Line' and why Charlotte was wrong about the series.

  11. May. 18th, 2021
    Apple Music Going Lossless, but Will Anyone Really Notice? — Media+

    Adrian Weckler joins host Charlotte Henry to discuss the imminent arrival of Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos and lossless audio to Apple Music. It's cool, but are many people actually going to notice the difference?

  12. May. 11th, 2021
    Oprah, Prince Harry, and Offering Apple Podcast Subscriptions — Media+

    Tech-savvy diva Nica Montford from the snobOS podcast joins host Charlotte Henry to discuss Prince Harry and Oprah's forthcoming Apple TV+ series on mental health. They also look at the pros and cons for independent creators offering subscriptions through Apple Podcasts.

  13. May. 4th, 2021
    Getting Bitten by ‘The Mosquito Coast’ — Media+

    Charlotte Henry is joined by Kelly Guimot to discuss the new Apple TV+ series 'The Mosquito Coast' and how it compares to the 1986 movie. They also reveal other bits of the Apple TV+ catalog that they are enjoying.

  14. Apr. 27th, 2021
    Has Apple Had a Good Awards Season? — Media+

    TMO Editor-in-Chief and Media+ Awards Correspondent Bryan Chaffin returns to the show following the Oscars. He and host Charlotte Henry analyze how well Apple TV+ done this awards season, and what might come next.

  15. Apr. 20th, 2021
    What iOS Changes (Might) Mean for the Advertising Industry — Media+

    Adweek's Andrew Blustein joins Charlotte Henry to look at the dramatic impact the introduction of Ad Tracking Transparency (ATT) by Apple could have on the advertising industry.

  16. Apr. 13th, 2021
    Walking ‘The Line’ — Media+

    Apple TV+ has released an original audio podcast - 'The Line' - telling the story of U.S. Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher. Jeff Gamet joins host Charlotte Henry to discuss what he likes about the show and why Spotify executives should be worried.

  17. Apr. 6th, 2021
    Substack, That’s Where It’s at— Media+

    Substack baby! Journalist Mic Wright joins host Charlotte Henry to discuss the realities of life on the popular newsletter platform. How much work does it take? Can writers make money? What is next for company?

  18. Mar. 30th, 2021
    Making a Call on ‘Calls’ — Media+

    Dave Hamilton, The Mac Observer's co-founder and host of Mac Geek Gab, joins Charlotte Henry to discuss a new Apple TV+ offering - 'Calls'. They think this audio-led programming gives us a hint at what Apple will look to do in the future.

  19. Mar. 23rd, 2021
    Why Does The Apple TV Still Exist? — Media+

    Jason Snell and host Charlotte Henry discuss the future of the Apple TV - not the app, nor the service, but the box. They ponder whether Apple should revamp it, kill it, or just leave it be, and analyze how it fits with the company's broader media and services strategy.

  20. Mar. 16th, 2021
    Apple TV+ is Headed to The Oscars — Media+

    TMO's Editor-in-Chief Bryan Chaffin returns to Media+ to discuss the significance of Apple TV+ getting its first Oscar nominations. He and host Charlotte Henry also discuss the growing amount of offshoot content Apple is making related to its shows.