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Charlotte Henry and her guests bring focus — and a little something extra — to discussions about digital media in today's world.

Let's Get Physical — Media+

Kelly Guimont and Dave Hamilton pull on their spandex and join host Charlotte Henry to unpack Apple TV+ show ‘Physical’. They discuss how the show reflects life in the 1970s and ’80s, and whether or not they care about what happens to the characters.

Walking 'The Line' — Media+

Apple TV+ has released an original audio podcast – ‘The Line’ – telling the story of U.S. Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher. Jeff Gamet joins host Charlotte Henry to discuss what he likes about the show and why Spotify executives should be worried.

Making a Call on 'Calls' — Media+

Dave Hamilton, The Mac Observer’s co-founder and host of Mac Geek Gab, joins Charlotte Henry to discuss a new Apple TV+ offering – ‘Calls’. They think this audio-led programming gives us a hint at what Apple will look to do in the future.

Why Does The Apple TV Still Exist? — Media+

Jason Snell and host Charlotte Henry discuss the future of the Apple TV – not the app, nor the service, but the box. They ponder whether Apple should revamp it, kill it, or just leave it be, and analyze how it fits with the company’s broader media and services strategy.

Apple TV+ is Headed to The Oscars — Media+

TMO’s Editor-in-Chief Bryan Chaffin returns to Media+ to discuss the significance of Apple TV+ getting its first Oscar nominations. He and host Charlotte Henry also discuss the growing amount of offshoot content Apple is making related to its shows.