There is Now a Dedicated Apple Music Editorial Channel in Apple News

Apple Music channel in Apple News

Apple Music editorial content has arrived on Apple News. The streaming service now has a dedicated channel in the News app (pictured above). There had been some speculation that this move was on the way in recent days.

Dedicated Apple Music Editorial Channel in Apple News

Users can get to the channel via this link or by searching for it within the News app. Put ‘Apple Music’ into the search bar, go to Channels, and then ‘See More Channels’. (There is also another channel that compiles content about Music from other sources, but this new, official, channel has the Music logo.) Click on the icon in the top arrow icon in the top right-hand corner and click on the ‘Follow Channel’ option and it will be added to the sidebar alongside other followed channels.

Content already published includes Demi Lovato breaking down her new album track-by-track and a report on how Michael Jordan influence rapper AJ Tracey. It all seems likely a really good way for Apple to better integrate the growing amount of content it produces.

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