Some Vision Pro Users Are Blaming the AR/VR Headset for Causing Health Issues

Some Vision Pro users are blaming the ARVR headset for causing health issues

Apple Vision Pro has now been available in the U.S. for quite a few months, and some owners have come out to share their experiences alleging that the top-dollar AR/VR headset is causing health issues such as headaches, neck issues, and black eyes.

It’s not surprising considering the initial reviews of Vision Pro, where some YouTubers also mentioned that due to the headset’s weight, it’s causing redness on the cheeks.

The latest report comes from MarketWatch citing “several early adopters” of Apple’s Vision Pro who claim that Vision Pro is indeed causing health issues in regular usage. One of them claims that she got two black eyes after wearing the $3500 AR/VR headset for the first time for about an hour or so. Of course, she was surprised to see that.

The report also cites Ian Beacraft, who’s the Chief Executive Officer of consulting firm Signal and Cipher, also claimed to have felt “soreness” in his upper back and the base of his skull following a two-hour session, attributing it to the fit of the Apple headset, as he mentioned in the interview.

Some experts also shed light and contributed to the report, including a researcher at Stanford University, Jeremy Bailenson, who studies virtual reality, using VR gear is like wearing a computer on your face. Using any headset, even Apple’s, too much can make you feel uncomfortable, distract you from the real world, and even make you feel sick like motion sickness, warns Bailenson.

Meanwhile, Apple says that one should take a break from the headset every 20 to 30 minutes. “Stop using the device if you start to feel unwell at any point, even if you’ve been using the device for only a few minutes,” explains Apple.

“If you experience visual discomfort such as eye strain, headaches, or eye pain, or a change in vision such as blurred or double vision, stop using your device,” it further adds.

That said, Apple Vision Pro is prepping to launch the headset in more regions including China, Japan, Australia, and more in the coming months, and more related announcements during the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that kicks off on June 10 and runs through June 14.


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