iPhone 16 to launch in Seven Beautiful New Colors

The iPhone 15 lineup

Apple is only five months away from announcing the new iPhone 16. We still don’t know many details about these devices, although there is one that has just been leaked: colors. It’s always one of the most controversial choices every year, but Apple won’t disappoint this time according to a recent leak.

An anonymous Weibo leaker claims the iPhone 16 Plus will be available in seven different colors. They would also extend to the regular iPhone 16, since the only different between both models is their size and battery.

The iPhone 16 would ship in blue, pink, yellow, green, black, white, and purple. That’s one of the biggest selections in iPhone history, and certainly aimed towards providing everyone with a choice they like. Other than that, we don’t expect any major visual changes to the device. Rumors suggest a change in the position of the cameras, but that’s it.

The iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max would launch in new space black and rose colors. Recent leaks suggest Apple will change the titanium look to a more polished version. Similar to the stainless steel of previous models, but still made out of titanium.

The good news is that nothing suggests a price increase. And if we combine that with new color options, it seems it’ll be a very successful product. Now we just have to wait until September for it to be official so we can get our hands on one of the new iPhone 16.


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