iPhone 16 Leaks Hint at New Phone Colors, Thinner Bezels. Vertical Camera Bump

iPhone 16 Display Production Right on Schedule for September Launch

Every day, the iPhone 16 rumors keep coming, and we’re now hearing about three new but separate things about Apple’s incoming flagship phone. It’s shaping up like the iPhone 16 could have thinner bezels than previous phones. At the same time, a separate rumor indicates the main iPhone 16 could come in some new colors. Finally, a case leak is showing off what could be the final design of the device.

Starting with the news about the bezels, as spotted by MacRumors and The Elec, it’s believed that Apple might be using a Border Reduction Structure with select iPhone 16 units. This technology is related to the design of what’s under the hood of the iPhone and how chips are oriented. Thanks to this, you can expect the chips and other parts of the iPhone 16 to be packed together, allowing for a more compact screen.

As for the new colorways, 9to5Mac, and X user ShrimpApplePro believe that iPhone 16 Pro could come in Space Black, Gray, White, and Rose. The colors might be surprising, but Apple will continue to use the same manufacturing process it has in the past for the back glass panel, where the color is infused through the glass material. As a reminder, the iPhone 15 Pro had  Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium, and Natural Titanium colors.

Finally, there’s the most interesting leak. spotted by X user Sony Dickson and MacRumors. With this, there’s an image showing four aluminum casts of four supposed iPhone 16 models. These models confirm what we’ve been hearing about the premium iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, including its capture button, and the increased screen size. The mainline iPhone 16, and iPhone 16 Plus, meanwhile, appear to have the vertical camera bar and the Action button.

The iPhone 16 isn’t expected until the Fall, but before the phone makes its public debut, case makers and others involved in the manufacturing of the phone have to ramp up their efforts. More leaks and rumors will surface, and we’ll be here to keep you updated!

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