iPhone 16 Battery Details Just Leaked, and It’s Not Good News

The interior of an iPhone showing components like the battery or the Taptic Engine

Only five months remain until Apple launches the iPhone 16. We still don’t have a clear idea of what the Cupertino company has in store for us. However, battery capacities of these new devices have just leaked. And it’s not good news unfortunately.

An anonymous leaker has published on Weibo the battery capacity details for the iPhone 16, and it’s somewhat puzzling. The iPhone 16, 16 Pro, and 16 Pro Max would ship with larger batteries than their predecessors. However, the iPhone 16 Plus battery would be 9% smaller than that of the iPhone 15 Plus. This is bad news that we hope Apple will solve with software optimization. Although that seems unlikely.

iPhone 15 LineupiPhone 16 Lineup
Standard3,349 mAh3,561 mAh
Plus4,383 mAh4,006 mAh
Pro3,274 mAh3,355 mAh
Pro Max4,422 mAh4,676 mAh

According to recent rumors, it doesn’t seem like there will be anything revolutionary in the iPhone itself. Instead, the company’s efforts would be focused on software, as iOS 18 promises to be one of the most important updates in history, and it will be unveiled at WWDC. Nevertheless, that would probably come with a tax on battery life. And that’s where this leak is terrible news for those looking to buy an iPhone 16 Plus.

Perhaps this is a way to differentiate the standard line from the Pro lineup. Maybe the people at Apple want the iPhone 16 Pro Max to have the best battery life. That makes sense, given that it’s their flagship model, and should theoretically be the best one in every aspect.

We’ll have to wait until September to find out if Apple decides to use these batteries. Even so, this doesn’t mean the iPhone 16 Plus will be bad, or that its battery won’t last. It’s simply a way to create a separation between different product lines, but it will surely be a great phone.


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