Apple Vision Pro is Available for Walk-In Demos Starting Today

The Apple Vision Pro has begun shipping to early adopters, but the company’s retail rollout is starting today. Apple customers can walk in to receive a demo of the device, which sold out quickly after seeing 200,000 or more preorders.

Walk-in demos will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis, but customers will be able to start making reservations for the sessions online on February 5. It’s unclear if the Vision Pro will be available in stores or how many will be there if it is, but a quick look at Apple’s website shows in-store availability as “Visit your local Apple Store starting 2.2.” Shipping times don’t appear awful at the moment, with the entry-level 256GB device showing a February 26 through March 2 delivery window.

MacObserver has outlined how developers are taking a cautious approach to the Vision Pro, with some waiting to see how it performs before dedicating too many resources to the project. Netflix has decided to avoid offering an app altogether, opting for web-based streaming instead. YouTube also chose to stay out of the Vision Pro app store, but third-party solutions are already available as a workaround.

That said, Apple recently announced more than 600 more apps for the device, bringing the total to more than one million iPad app ports and dedicated software. The list now includes apps from the NBA, HBO/Max, and several new games. Users can play Sonic Dream Team, TMNT Splintered Fate, and Apple Arcade titles like Jetpack Joyride 2.

Though expensive, the Vision Pro is catching Meta’s attention as the Facebook parent company works to expand the functionality of its Quest 3. It now supports spatial video playback, but its $500 price point and limited apps place it in a slightly different league than the Apple device.

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