Apple Watch Ultra 3 May Launch This Year, But With Little Hardware Upgrade

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When Apple was gearing up to announce M3 MacBook Pros and iMacs last year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo then reported that the Apple Watch Ultra 3 wouldn’t come in 2024. But the tune has changed, as he now believes there will be an Apple Watch Ultra 3 in 2024 after all. 

Interestingly, Kuo’s words can be given weight considering his track record with such developments. When he suggests that we may see Apple unveil the Watch Ultra 3, there is certainly a good possibility of that.

Kuo shared the development with MacRumors, saying that although the Apple Watch Ultra 3 will be coming this year, it will feature “almost no” hardware upgrades compared to its predecessor. So, we may expect some little upgrades rather than a complete makeover.

The publication further adds that Kuo didn’t disclose much of the specifics, leaving room for speculations until its expected launch in September alongside the iPhone 16 series. That said, the potential release of a third-generation Apple Watch SE remains on the table this year, which may look identical to the current Apple Watch Series 8.

Frankly, there’s little to know about the upcoming third-generation Apple Watch SE. But as far as rumors are concerned, it’s probable that the next Apple Watch SE will pack at least an S9 chip, based on an A15 Bionic chip. 

As the Apple Watch approaches its 10th anniversary, rumors are swirling about a special edition called the Apple Watch X. Just like the iPhone X in 2018, this anniversary model might transform significantly. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicts the Apple Watch X could hit the shelves in 2024 or 2025, aligning with the original Apple Watch announcement in September 2014 and its launch in April 2015.


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    On the other hand, bring Apple Watch with telescopic rotating retractable camera in the crown, as well as truly standalone not requiring any other device (I do NOT want any standard-size mobile phone) to setup and use. Then I am sold. The tiny phone in your wrist. Free your hands and mind!

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