Apple Watch Warns and Helps Owner Improve Their Mental Health

Apple Watch

Apple Watch has made headlines many times for saving lives. Over the years, we have heard many stories about Apple Watch helping people by warning them of unknown health conditions. 

Thanks to the Apple Watch’s ECG and heart rate monitoring features, people became aware of problems even when they didn’t notice any symptoms. There have even been incidents when Apple Watch’s fall detection and crash detection features assisted people in getting help when they didn’t have the capacity to do it themselves. 

Now, a person has shared their story in which Apple Watch helped them understand how mental health affects their body. Sharath Seeram, a 25-year-old Bengaluru developer, visited his doctor after receiving heart rate alerts on his Apple Watch.

Sharath had a very demanding profession that forced him to put in long hours under unhelpful supervision. As more employees parted ways with the organization due to the stressful climate, more work fell on the remaining employees.

It turns out that Sharath’s mental and physical wellness was negatively impacted by his increased workload and unfriendly workplace. Every evening, he would come home tired, often with a fever.

His doctor advised him to either quit his job right away or find a solution to lessen the stress at his current workplace. The doctor believed that working at the same level of stress for a few months might affect his heart in the long run.

However, after changing careers, Sharath’s heart rate drastically decreased without changing anything else about his lifestyle. Moreover, Sreeram says that he is currently receiving readings of about 71 bpm, compared to his prior experiences of about 83 bpm.

He then wrote a letter to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, expressing gratitude for the Apple Watch’s assistance in encouraging him to take his mental health seriously.


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