Apple Working Towards High-Quality AR Images

apple headset

Apple, in typical fashion, is being perfectionist, this time in the images in any AR glasses and VR headsets it produces. The details are revealed in a new patent (via AppleInsider).

Produce High-Quality Images

The patent, granted Thursday, makes it clear that Apple wants the devices to be attractive, as well as producing high-quality images. It said:

Electronic devices with displays may be used to display content for a user. If care is not taken, the components used in displaying content for a user in an electronic device may be unsightly and bulky and may not exhibit desired levels of optical performance.

It also refers to achieving “uniform-intensity light from the display across its area and for a wide field of view” in AR products. It will do this by embedding “beam splitter structures that will work to maintain consistency betweem the different light levels from AR and reality.

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