Apple’s First AI Features Will Happen on Device

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Rumors about Apple’s adoption of AI at WWDC continue to grow. Expectations are high, so new information is coming out all the time. Mark Gurman has leaked today that the first features to be announced by Apple will happen on the device itself. That is, there will be no processing on the company’s servers.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, all processing will happen on the user’s device. However, it’s possible that Apple will enable the use of third-party services such as Google’s Gemini. But Apple’s own features processing will happen on device. We don’t know if that’s for privacy reasons or if there is another motivation behind it, but that’s how it will be according to Bloomberg.

As the world awaits Apple’s big AI unveiling on June 10, it looks like the initial wave of features will work entirely on device. That means there’s no cloud processing component to the company’s large language model, the software that powers the new capabilities.

Even so, a few months ago analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple was acquiring AI servers. This suggests that in the future the company may indeed launch functions that, due to their complexity, require processing on more powerful external servers.

We expect Apple to announce all this during its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10. If rumors are true, the event will be focused on the company’s operating systems. And also, how it’ll integrate artificial intelligence into them. We are very close to finding out, and it certainly sounds very exciting.


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