Apple’s New Developer Academy Brings AI Training for Students and Alumni

Apple has announced its Developer Academy program, a new core curriculum focused on AI for all students, alumni, and mentors. This program will be available to participants in 18 Academies across six countries: Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and the United States, starting this fall.

The curriculum will focus on practical skills in

  • Building,
  • Training
  • Deploying machine learning models on Apple devices.

The new curriculum is made to help students with the skills necessary to contribute to the growing field of AI development.

“At Apple, we see coding as a universal language and believe in empowering developers, creators, and entrepreneurs across the world with tools and technologies that will allow them to create phenomenal experiences. With the introduction of curriculum dedicated to AI and other new technologies, we’re excited to see what students will build to share with their communities and the world.”

Said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.

Project-based learning will let students apply their knowledge in a practical setting. Mentorship will also be available, with hundreds of mentors and over 12,000 alumni offering guidance and support.

The announcement coincides with the release of new Apple developer tools, including Xcode 16 and Swift 6. These tools are made for improving the developer productivity code clarity.

Overall, the Developer Academy program offers a comprehensive learning experience, equipping students with the necessary skills to navigate the evolving technological landscape.

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