Apple Releases New Firmware for Magic Mouse and Trackpad, but You May Not Get It

White Apple Magic Mouse Beside White Keyboard

Apple released new firmware updates for its Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. The update brings them to version 3.1.1, but there’s a catch: users might not actually receive it on their devices.

While macOS has a mechanism for updating Apple accessories, many users report their devices remain stuck on the original factory firmware. This means the new update might be intended for new hardware, not existing Magic Mice and Trackpads, as revealed by 9to5Mac.

The exact details of the update are unclear. Firmware updates usually address bugs and improve performance, but Apple hasn’t provided specifics for this one.

Users reacted to the arrival of the firmware with mixed responses. Some users on Twitter reported a noticeable improvement in responsiveness with the Magic Trackpad’s Force Touch feature after the update. There were also funny comments about the update making the Magic Mouse’s battery life feel “snappier,” though firmware updates wouldn’t affect battery performance, or at least, that’s what is known.

Overall, while some products like AirPods receive regular updates with new features, especially when the new nodding mechanism was announced at WWDC ’24, others like the Magic Mouse and Trackpad leave users wondering if their devices will ever benefit from performance improvements.

Pro users will be able to answer or dismiss calls, interact with messages, manage notifications, and more by simply nodding their heads yes or shaking their heads no. Machine learning on the H2 chip enables this feature.

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