Apple’s Rumored Pact With OpenAI Expected to Bridge AI Gap With Rivals

Apple's Generative AI An In-House Rival to OpenAI ChatGPT

As we all know, Apple is behind in the generative AI race, especially compared to its main rivals, Microsoft and Google, and will need to make some big changes to catch up. 

Apple is planning to unveil new generative AI features at WWDC on June 10, including improvements to Siri; here’s what you can expect from WWDC ’24. Apple is also working on a partnership with OpenAI to add the startup’s technology to iOS 18.

Apple might still struggle to compete with established players like Microsoft and Google.

The challenge lies in Apple’s current position. Both Microsoft and Google have already made big strides in AI development. While Apple’s rumored partnership grants access to OpenAI’s technology, it doesn’t guarantee Apple can replicate the level of advancement its competitors possess. 

Apple has also held talks about licensing Google’s LaMDA for iOS 18, but the parties have not reached an agreement according to Bloomberg. Apple is considering building its own search engine in order to better compete with Google in AI, but this could be a costly endeavor.

Apple is also planning to speed up its hardware upgrades in order to improve its AI capabilities. The company recently released a new iPad Pro with an M4 chip, and the M4 is headed to every Mac by 2025. The iPhone 16 Pro will also get a new AI chip in September.

In addition to hardware improvements, Apple will need to improve its software faster. The company currently releases one major iOS overhaul each year, but Apple will need to add new AI features more frequently in order to keep up with the competition.

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