Apple’s Top Executive Visits Taiwan to Possibly Reserve All 2nm Chips

Apple's Top Executive Visits Taiwan to Possibly Reserve All 2nm Chips

It’s no secret that Apple has been very interested in designing 2nm chips to power up its next-gen processors. Now, a new report from the Taiwan-based Economic Daily claims further progress. It notes that Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams held talks “secretly” with TSMC to secure the first batch of upcoming 2nm processors.

Per report, Williams met with TSMC President Wei Zhejia to discuss custom AI chips for Apple. Again, I will add that it’s not surprising given that Apple was ahead of Samsung in unveiling 3nm chips with the release of its iPhone 15 Pro series, which runs on 3nm A17 Pro processors. Not just that, the latest M4 chip, just out in the newly released iPad Pro, employs a refined version of 3nm technology.

2nm Process Chips May Debut with iPhone 17 Pro Series in 2025

And since AI will be at the core of next-gen iPhones, Apple won’t take any chances and will seek the utmost processing power. That said, don’t keep your hopes high as it’s unlikely the iPhone 16 Pro series will feature 2nm processors under the hood. But there’s a strong possibility that the iPhone 17 Pro series could be the first to pack 2nm process chips.

You may wonder why every major tech company wants to win the race to bring out smaller node process chips. Well, to answer this question, it’s because the smaller the process, the more space there is for transistors, which ultimately makes phones faster and more efficient.

That said, if Apple secures the first batch of 2nm chips, it could result in valuable perks for both, Cupertino and TSMC. Apple would, once again, be the first major tech company to unveil 2nm chips. Meanwhile, TSMC could have substantial benefits, including Apple paying the chip maker a princely sum equivalent to or even more than its annual revenue. There are high chances that TSMC’s revenue could skyrocket to an all-time high, once this deal goes through.


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