AT&T Adds Unlimited GoPhone Prepaid Data Plan

AT&T iPhone

AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid phone plans just went unlimited, in a manner of speaking. The cell service provider just added a new US$60 unlimited data plan to its lineup, although it does have some limitations.

AT&T iPhone
AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid plan gets an unlimited data option

The new $60 GoPhone plan offers 3 Mbps maximum wireless data speeds, doesn’t include Mobile Hotspot support, and requires AutoPay. For $65 a month users can disable AutoPay. Hitting the 22 GB monthly data cap reduces download speeds to 128 Kbps for the rest of the monthly pay cycle.

Stream Saver, AT&T’s mode for downscaling videos to 480p quality to use less bandwidth, is enabled by default. Users can turn that off in their account settings.

Calls to and from Mexico and Canada are included at no extra charge, and you won’t pay roaming fees when traveling to either country.

GoPhone plans may be a little restrictive, but they’re handy for iPhone and other smartphone users trying to avoid dealing with credit checks and activation fees. You can check out the offerings at AT&T’s GoPhone webpage.

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